10 easy and impressive dinners to cook for a date

romantic dinner

  • Skip the crowded restaurants for a more intimate night at home.
  • Impress your date with a meal made with love using fresh and local ingredients.
  • Here are chef picks for romantic dinners, from simple pizza night to a more formal surf ’n‘ turf dish.

While cooking for yourself seems easy, there is something about cooking a romantic dinner that feels intimidating. For a first date, your cooking skills might make or break the possibility of a second date. For more seasoned relationships, the pressure remains, because no one wants to offer up a sad serving of spaghetti that sets a bad tone for the entire night.

Your date will probably enjoy your company regardless of whether you take time to test a new restaurant or you grab fast food, but it’s that extra bit of thought, time, and effort that really makes a difference. Here are some tried-and-true recipes to make when you want to treat your partner to an extra-special dinner.

Prepare a roast chicken alla diavola.

Roast chicken alla diavola just sounds fancy. But it’s a rather simple recipe, and you likely already have most of the ingredients on hand. Chef Ryan DeNicola of chi Spacca, an upscale Italian restaurant in Los Angeles, recommended this dish to INSIDER because of the minimal effort required to make it and how easy it is to share between a couple. Try pairing it with a medium-bodied red wine.

Serve a whole, roasted branzino.

Another recommendation via Chef DeNicola, branzino is a European bass also known as Mediterranean Sea Bass. Try roasting it with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, and lemon. It’s another easy and shareable dish that will really impress your fellow diner.

Get your date involved with homemade pizzas.

While you might turn up your nose at a frozen or cheap delivery pizza for a romantic date night, homemade pizza is next level. Pizza is easy and customizable, plus it is fun to have your date get involved in making dinner with you.

„Homemade pizza is a good one, because two people can participate and it’s hands-on, fun, and everyone loves pizza,“ Kate Green, communications director at Mozza Restaurant Group, told INSIDER.

Your date will be impressed by how delicious homemade pizza is compared to delivery.

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