11 of the best Disney songs of all time

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  • Many animated Disney movies come with a unique original soundtrack. 
  • Disney songs like „Circle of Life“ and „Can You Feel The Love Tonight“ have been nominated for or have won Oscars.
  • „The Bare Necessities“ and „Under the Sea“ are some of Disney’s upbeat and popular songs.
  • „Friend Like Me“ from „Aladdin“ was nominated for an Academy Award.

There are very few things that trigger an immense feeling of childhood nostalgia quite like belting out your favorite Disney song as an adult. Not only do you remember the exact scene said the song is sung in, but also you can (attempt to) sing the background vocals while simultaneously singing the lead.

There’s no denying that Disney has perfected the formula of producing entertaining and long-lasting family-friendly films. A heartfelt and emotionally genuine story coupled with some great original tunes is essentially a recipe for success in the Walt Disney universe.

Combining their award recognition and Billboard success with their long-lasting popularity, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Disney songs of all time. 

„Under the Sea“ is a joyful ode to living a simple life underwater.

Under the Sea“ is a sing-songy tune that lists the benefits of living life underwater as opposed to on land. Sebastian the crab attempts to lure Ariel the mermaid from the idea of a future with Prince Eric where „up on the shore they work all day.“

In true Disney form, the song won an Oscar for best original song in 1989 and three decades later it still remains a popular staple in Disney music history.

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As far as sensational villain songs go, „Cruella De Vil“ is one of Disney’s best.

Gluttony and arrogance lead to her downfall, but at least viewers were blessed with the snappy number that was „Cruella De Vil.“ „101 Dalmatians“ only has three songs, but this one truly stands out.

Struggling songwriter Roger sings the jingle to his wife as a distraction from writer’s block, and the rhyming of „De Vil“ with everything Disney fans could imagine. Audiences young and old can appreciate the short melody; it has just enough impact to land on this list.

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„Friends on the Other Side“ gives a modern day Disney villain their own song.

When it comes to Disney tunes, it seems like anything Randy Newman touches turns to music gold. From writing songs for the „Cars“ to the „Toy Story“ franchise, the longtime songwriter provides incredible anthems that you couldn’t get out of your head if you tried.

Friends on the Other Side“ is no different. It’s such an underrated Disney song, and one of the few in which the villain gets their time in the spotlight. Performed by Keith David as the mischievous Dr. Facilier, he belts out this delightfully sinister tune just as he transforms Prince Naveen into the cursed frog.

Similar to Scar’s „Be Prepared“ in „The Lion King,“ „Friends on the Other Side“ is exquisitely eerie in its visuals, reminding audiences of the vast creativity that Disney writers and animators possess.

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