All the priceless artifacts inside Notre-Dame that firefighters are desperately trying to save

Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire in Paris, France on April 15, 2019. 04 15T181602Z_977244399_RC19CF540000_RTRMADP_3_FRANCE NOTREDAME

In a truly unbelievable scene, the Notre-Dame Cathedral is ablaze: a spokesperson for the cathedral said that the frame might not even survive

While it will likely take a few days to properly assess the damage and take stock of what has survived the fire and what has been destroyed, from relics of the patron saints of Paris to the largest organ in France, much of what could be lost is priceless.

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A tiny piece of the Crown of Thorns that Jesus wore during his crucifixion is kept at the treasury at Notre-Dame.

The Crown of Thorns is a sacred relict, believed to have been worn by Jesus Christ himself. It’s normally stored at the end of the nave of the cathedral, not readily visible to visitors.

Notre-Dame is home to stunning stained glass windows.

The most iconic stained glass window at Notre-Dame, the Rose Window, consists of three round windows that date back to 1260. According to reporters on the scene, the upper window is completely melted, though the fate of the lower windows is unclear.

Relics of both Saint Denis and Saint Genevieve were located inside the spire.

Denis and Genevieve are both the patron saints of Paris. Relics of theirs were placed atop the spire in 1935 by Archbishop Verdier to protect the church and its congregation from ill fortune.

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