The Sega Genesis Mini is set to arrive this September — and it will have twice as many games as the SNES Classic

Sega Genesis Mini

  • The Sega Genesis Mini will be released on September 19, 2019 with 40 classic games pre-loaded on the retro console.
  • Sega announced the Genesis Mini, a replica of its popular 90s video game console, during a fan conference in Tokyo back in April 2018; the company waited a year to confirm the release date.
  • Like Nintendo’s popular retro consoles, the Sega Genesis Mini will have HD video output and comes with a pair of wired replica controllers.
  • Unlike Nintendo, Sega has already made dozens of classic Genesis games available on modern video game consoles, giving players more options if they want to play those retro titles without buying the Genesis Mini.
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Sega recently announced that the Sega Genesis Mini replica console will arrive on September 19, 2019 with 40 classic games pre-loaded on the console.

The Genesis was one of the definitive video game consoles of the 1990s and the primary competitor to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). Though Sega would follow up with the Saturn and the Dreamcast in later years, the Genesis is easily the company’s most celebrated console. Sega stopped making its own video game consoles in 2001 and shifted to making new games for other platforms.

Genesis Mini will support HDMI output for high-definition TVs and comes with two wired controllers. The controllers are replicas of the original three-button Genesis controller, though Sega released a six-button version of the controller later in the console’s life span.

Sega Genesis Mini Controller

Overall, the Sega Genesis Mini package is similar to Nintendo’s Super NES Classic and Sony’s PlayStation Classic, but Sega is offering twice as many games as its competitors. However, the longterm value of the Genesis Mini is a bit questionable due to the widespread availability of Genesis games on existing platforms.

While the SNES and PlayStation Classic consoles collect games that are relatively hard to find, Sega has already released a collection of 30 popular Genesis games on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Not only that, the Sega Genesis Classics collection also supports online play, something the Genesis Mini will lack.

The good news is that the Genesis Mini has a chance to include some different games than the Sega Genesis Classics collection, even if the most popular ones overlap. The price of the Sega Genesis Mini hasn’t been confirmed yet either.

Here are the 30 games Sega has confirmed for the Sega Genesis Mini so far:

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„Sonic the Hedgehog“ (Action/Platformer)

„Gunstar Heroes“ (Arcade Shooter)

„Castlevania“ (Adventure)

„Shining Force“ (Role-playing Game)

„Dr Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine“ (Puzzle)

„Ecco the Dolphin“ (Adventure)

„Toe Jam & Earl“ (Action)

„Space Harrier II“ (3D Arcade Shooter)

„Altered Beast“ (Side-scrolling Beat ‚Em Up)

„Comix Zone“ (Side-scrolling Action)

„Streets of Rage 2“ (Beat ‚Em Up)

„Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master“ (Side-scrolling Action)

„Sonic the Hedgehog 2“ (Action/Platformer)

„Earthworm Jim“ (Action)

„Landstalker“ (Action Adventure)

„Super Fantasy Zone“ (Side-scrolling Shoot ‚Em Up)

„Thunder Force III“ (Side-scrolling Shoot ‚Em Up)

„Contra: Hard Corps“ (Side-scrolling Shoot ‚Em Up)

„Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse“ (Action Platformer)

„World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck“ (Action Platformer)

„Ghouls ’n Ghosts“ (Arcade Platformer)

„Beyond Oasis“ (Action Adventure)

„Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle“

„Golden Axe“ (Multiplayer Arcade Adventure)

„Phantasy Star IV“ (Roleplaying Game)

„Street Fighter II: Special Championship Edition“ (Fighting)

„Mega Man: The Wily Wars“ (Action Platformer)

„Sonic Spinball“ (Pinball Platformer)

„Vectorman“ (Action Platformer)

„Wonder Boy in Monster World“ (Action Platformer)

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